MRO Holdings is a world-class aircraft maintenance and modification provider.

We deliver long term solutions for the aviation industry

Our customers are some of the largest and most respected air carriers in the industry.

At MRO Holdings we recruit, train, and invest in the best people in the industry.

MRO Holdings is an aviation services and solutions provider with four airframe maintenance and modification facilities, and a technical solutions organization:

Aeroman in El Salvador, Flightstar in Jacksonville, FL, TechOpsMX in Queretaro, Mexico and North State in Winston-Salem, NC. In addition, MRO Holdings recently launched a new comprehensive technical solutions organization called MRO Solutions, located in El Salvador.


Our people deliver an efficient level of service in an environment defined by Safety, Quality and Innovation.

Airframe maintenance and modifications

We are focused on not only providing the very best quality, but also finding cost-effective solutions with a commitment to deploying innovative technology, state-of-the art machinery and continuous investment in our skilled industry professionals: The perfect equation.

Comprehensive Technical Solutions

Our aim is to move customers away from the traditional, transactional support to more impactful, longer-term customer relationships. We are committed to developing trusted, cost-effective and comprehensive technical solutions for our customers.


Strategic geographic positions are a key to our success.
Based in El Salvador, Aeroman is a global industry leader in providing airframe heavy maintenance and modification with a track record of identifying and deploying innovative solutions driving efficiencies into our customer programs.
Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Flightstar is an airframe maintenance, modification and conversion provider built upon a strong legacy and the strength of our employee’s deep industry experience.
Based in Querétaro, Mexico, TechOps MX is an airframe maintenance provider that operates with a mindset of continuous improvement and a commitment to drive value back into our customers’ maintenance programs.
Based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, North State is an airframe maintenance and modification provider built upon a strong legacy and our employee’s deep industry experience.
Based in El Salvador, MRO Solutions is a state of the art facility that provides world-class technical support. We utilize the significant amount of operational data generated by our facilities, and put it to work for the benefit of our customers and our facilities alike.
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Our philosophy at MRO Holdings is simple: to recruit, train and invest in the best people in the industry to align our services and solutions with the long-term needs of our clients. If you have what it takes and are interested in joining our team, please explore our current opportunities.

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