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World-Class Technical Support

MRO Solutions is a state of the art facility designed to provide world-class technical support for our operations and customers alike.

About Us

MRO Solutions provides specialized fleet solutions that maximize aircraft utilization, lower operating costs and maximize efficiencies. MRO Solutions is built upon the years of hands on airframe maintenance experience at our facilities and delivered by a seasoned team of skilled aircraft maintenance professionals. The new organization provides an efficient, centralized approach to areas such as planning and production support, reliability and maintenance programs, for both the MRO Holdings facilities and customers.

About Us MRO Solutions

Services & Solutions

At MRO Solutions, we promote an environment defined by Safety, Quality and Innovation.

Through a centralized approach, we aim to better utilize our wealth of information and put it to work for the benefit of our operations and our customers. We are focused on providing the following:

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Specialized services surrounding customer work scope packages, bills of materials, tooling, GSE, as well as production work flows.


Provides engineering support and repair solutions, as well as the facilitation of customer and OEM approvals.

Operations Support

Coordination of daily oversight and resource availability.

Maintenance Programs

Specialized services surrounding post-check reliability analysis, and maintenance program optimization.

Quality Assurance

Performs centralized analysis of operational surveillance, corrective action plans, and risk management audit scheduling (focus and frequency).


Centralized development of custom training material for operational use.


Our facility was designed to achieve maximum efficiency both in labor and in technological areas, and to support the flow of communication and

Covenient Location

Located in El Salvador, MRO Solutions is conveniently located in a facility that exceeds 36,000 ft. with an open layout that provides ample and needed space for our multi-functional teams.

Modern Facilities

With a total of 360 workstations, our state of the art office building was designed to encourage the flow of communication and decision-making amongst teams. The modern office incorporates open work spaces that promote collaborative work, driving efficiency both in labor and in technological areas.


Jon Lee
Chief Commercial Officer

Mr. Lee leads the MRO Solutions business, leveraging the team’s deep industry experience and broad technical skillsets to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving aviation maintenance industry. Jon has more than 15 years of aviation experience. Prior to this role, Mr. Lee held leadership roles with MRO Holdings and Oliver Wyman CAVOK where he worked with major airlines and MROs.

Jon Lee - Chief Commercial Officer
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Our philosophy at MRO Solutions is simple: to recruit, train and invest in the best people in the industry to align our services and solutions with the long-term needs of our clients. If you have what it takes and are interested in joining our team, please explore our current opportunities.

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