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We promote an environment of respect, trust, and collaboration as a foundation for our people to succeed.

About Us

Founded in 2014, TechOps MX is the largest Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) company in Mexico and second largest in Latin America, focusing on narrow body and regional jet aircraft. We offIcially became a partner to the MRO Holdings family in May 2017, and have expanded our breadth of work with new programs for the 737, MD88 and CRJ fleets. Our culture is based on Quality, Security and Delivery, and we are an industry leader in the successful application of Theory of Constraints for aviation maintenance.

About Us TechOps MX

Services & Solutions

As a leading MRO, TechOps MX provides our customers with world-class services and solutions for an array of aircraft.

We focus on our customers’ needs by providing exceptional cost-effective maintenance solutions. We have deep expertise for Boeing, Embraer, and Bombardier aircraft.

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We are committed to helping our customers maximize aircraft utilization and reliability through industry-leading span times and proven quality that adds value to their operations. Added value is provided through a complete array of timely and customized engineering solutions.


We provide our customers with a full range of solutions going beyond aircraft maintenance. Taking into account that each part of an aircraft is essential, we offer backshops with a full range of component solutions.

Service Recovery / AOG

When unexpected maintenance issues arise, we partner with our customers by providing on-demand AOG and Service Recovery services. This helps mitigate the risk an airline faces in their flight and maintenance schedule, and most importantly ensures the safety of their passengers when unscheduled maintenance is needed. Whether it’s a quick repair, component replacement, or field team support, we are committed to working side by side until service has been restored.

Airframe Capabilities


Strategically located and fully equipped to provide long term value for our clients.

Convenient location

Conveniently located next to the Querétaro International Airport in Mexico, we are currently the second largest aircraft maintenance base in Latin America and growing.

Modern Facilities

With a dedicated staff of ~2,000 technicians and support staff, our four hangars have the capacity to handle up to 15 NB aircraft simultaneously with cutting-edge technology. We also are proud to utilize advanced systems of renewable and non-polluting energy to power our facilities


TechOps MX holds a number of highly important certifications. To guarantee these safety standards, all employees undergo hours of constant and rigorous training which allow them to develop the technical skills necessary to assure excellence in all services offered.



Jess Losada
Chief Executive Officer

Actively leading high velocity culture change & overall strategy for aircraft heavy maintenance repair and overhaul facility in Queretaro, Mexico. Championed LEAN/TOC initiatives throughout the organization that resulted in 90% reduction in Lost Time Injuries, 50% improvement in On Time Deliveries, double digit Revenue & EBITDA growth & Industry leading customer focused performance.

Successfully directed the operational & financial integration of a ten year commercial alliance between multiple major airlines, joint ventures & multinational shareholders.

Jess Losada - Chief Executive Officer
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Our philosophy at TechOps MX is simple: to recruit, train and invest in the best people in the industry to align our services and solutions with the long-term needs of our clients. If you have what it takes and are interested in joining our team, please explore our current opportunities.

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