Our philosophy at MRO Holdings is simple: to recruit, train and invest in the best people in the industry to align our services and solutions with the long-term needs of our clients.


Our purpose is to promote an environment of respect, trust, and collaboration

We promote an environment of Respect, Trust and Collaboration as a foundation for our people to succeed. We want to provide our aviation professionals a stable and challenging work environment centered around a culture of Safety, Quality, and Performance.

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Our mission is to create long term value

We strive to move customers away from the traditional MRO transactional relationship to a longer-term partnership approach in which we provide a trusted, cost effective, comprehensive technical solution built upon by a unique combination of hands on experience, industry knowledge and technology.

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Aeroman is established

Aeroman is established as the Maintenance and Engineering division of TACA Airlines, created to provide in-house maintenance to the entire fleet.


Hangar 1

As a result of growing demand, Aeroman built Hangar 1 with four maintenance bays


Flightstar is established

Flightstar established as an aircraft battery and NDT inspection shop at Miami International Airport.


Flightstar Cargo Conversion

Flightstar relocated to Hangar 1 at Jacksonville International Airport and performed first cargo door conversion on a B727-200.


Flightstar Relocation

Flightstar relocated operations to Cecil Field in Jacksonville, Florida.


TechOps MX is established

TechOps MX was first formed in Guadalajara as a result of a Delta-Aeromexico maintenance services alliance.


Hangar 2 and 3

Aeroman expanded capacity at El Salvador International Airport by adding Hangar 2 and Hangar 3, with one maintenance bay in each hangar.


Flightstar Expansion

Flightstar expanded capacity at Cecil Field by adding Hangar 905 with one paint and two maintenance bays.


Hangar 4

Aeroman expanded capacity at El Salvador International Airport by adding Hangar 4 with three maintenance bays.


TechOps MX Relocation

TechOps MX relocated to Querétaro, Mexico and joined the expanding aerospace cluster at Querétaro Intercontinental Airport.


Flightstar Expansion

Flightstar expanded capacity at Cecil Field by adding Hangar 935 with four maintenance bays


Aeroman Expansion

Aeroman expanded capacity at El Salvador International Airport by adding Hangar 5 with ten maintenance bays and extending Hangar 2 and 3, adding two additional maintenance bays. Aeroman performed first A330 heavy maintenance check and opened Airbus Competence Training Center (ACT)


MRO Holdings is established

Aeroman and Flighstar joined forces under MRO Holdings Aeroman implemented the use of mobile tablets across all maintenance bays


TechOps MX joins
MRO Holdings

TechOps MX joined forces with Aeroman and Flightstar under MRO Holdings. Aeroman performed first heavy maintenance checks on B757 and E190 fleets.


Hangar 6

Aeroman expanded capacity at El Salvador International Airport by adding Hangar 6 with twelve maintenance bays and extending Hangar 2 and 3, adding two additional maintenace bays. TechOps MX expanded capacity at Querétaro Intercontinental Airport by extending the interiors workshop. Aeroman performed first A320 NEO check and TechOps MX performs first B757 check.


MRO Solutions is established

MRO Solutions is established under MRO Holdings.


North State Joined
MRO Holdings

North State Aviation joined forces with Aeroman, Flightstar, TechOps MX and MRO Solutions under MRO Holdings.


    The MRO holdings Leadership Team is responsible for promoting an environment of Respect, Trust, and Collaboration as a foundation for our people to succeed.

    Greg Colgan

    Chief Executive Officer
    MRO Holdings

    Mr. Colgan leads the company’s efforts to build and deliver a world class collection of capabilities and services to the aviation market. With 20+ years of aviation experience across the airline, MRO and technology verticals, his efforts are focused on aligning the company’s strategy with the aviation market needs to better deliver long-term value creation for MRO Holdings customers.

    Mark Eldred

    Chief Operating Officer
    MRO Holdings

    Mr. Eldred is responsible for the operational performance of the group and all aspects in fulfilling its commitments to airline customers. With nearly 35 years of industry experience, most recently serving as Vice President of Base Maintenance at a major US-based commercial airline, his efforts are focused on solidifying and improving operational processes, systems, and execution throughout the organization.

    Jon Lee

    Chief Commercial Officer
    MRO Holdings

    Mr. Lee spearheads all commercial endeavors spanning Sales, Customer Experience, Marketing, Branding, and Planning & Operations Support at MRO Holdings. Jon collaborates closely with both our leadership teams and customers to synchronize MRO Holdings’ vision with their short- and long-term requirements. With over 15 years of aviation expertise, Jon’s background includes leadership roles at Oliver Wyman CAVOK, where he collaborated with prominent airlines and MROs. Most recently, he served as the Vice President of MROH Operations Planning and Engineering division.

    Alberto Acosta

    Chief Financial Officer
    MRO Holdings

    Mr. Acosta is responsible for oversight and operations of the company’s financial activities. He brings over 25 years of major corporation, multi-national CFO experience with Siemens and most recently TIGO.

    Cristina Guirola

    Chief People Officer
    MRO Holdings

    Mrs. Guirola leads the People Strategy for MRO Holdings by establishing a true partnership with the business in advancing and driving goals. With over 20 years of experience in leadership roles of Human Capital and Cultural Transformation, she ensures that our people continue to be our competitive advantage. She is responsible to enhance our values of respect, trust and collaboration as a member of our senior management team and a leader of the human capital function.

    Elisa Saravia

    Chief Information Officer
    MRO Holdings

    Mrs. Saravia oversees the planning, development, implementation, maintenance, security, and administration of technology across MROH, ensuring that all technology platforms, systems, and software are readily available to achieve our objectives. With over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Mrs. Saravia has a proven track record of spearheading technological transformations through high-performing teams. Before joining MROH, Elisa played a key role in TIGO El Salvador (MILLICOM Group) as VP of Operations/CTIO, significantly driving the company’s digital transformation and progress.

    Ana Carol de Benedetti

    General Counsel
    MRO Holdings

    Ms. Benedetti leads all legal matters for the MRO Holdings group of companies. Ana Carol brings more than 20 years of experience in the airline and related industries. Prior to joining MRO Holdings, Ana Carol served as General Counsel for LifeMiles, Avianca’s loyalty program.

    Elsy Pozo

    Vice President Internal Audit, Corporate Governance & SOC Office Head
    MRO Holdings

    Ms. Pozo is dedicated to ensuring the company’s corporate governance and internal controls are both established and effective. With over 20 years of experience in the airline industry, Elsy possesses extensive expertise, with more than 15 years specifically focused on Internal Controls and Internal Audit. She has spearheaded the development of world-class audit teams within SOX Compliance Programs and has implemented innovative audit techniques in Data Analytics. Leveraging long-term continuous auditing and monitoring programs, Elsy has consistently enhanced operational efficiency and risk management within the organization.

    Alejandro Echeverría

    Chief Executive Officer

    Mr. Echeverria leads one of the biggest MROs in the America’s to provide the highest results in Safety, Quality and Performance. More than 30 years of wide experience, in ENAER, LATAM Airlines and Airman MRO, have allowed him to be deeply involved in all Strategic, Maintenance and Engineering activities in the aviation industry. His leadership and knowledge enables the organization to provide world class services, creating added value and high satisfaction levels to our customers.

    Keith A. Statzer

    Vice President US Operations
    MRO Holdings

    Mr. Statzer oversees all Flightstar and North State operations, fostering strong working relationships with our frontline operational leaders and teams. He is tasked with enhancing the service quality and performance across our US locations. With over 30 years of experience in aviation maintenance, Mr. Statzer brings a wealth of expertise to his role. Before joining MRO Holdings, he demonstrated his dedication to safety, quality, compliance, and reliability through his successful management of MRO business units.

    Eduardo Lasala

    Vice President Customer Experience
    MRO Holdings

    Mr. Lasala leads all Customer Experience activities of the Operational Companies of MRO Holdings with the main objective of providing best in class customer experience to foster long term partnerships. Eduardo brings over 20 years experience in the aviation/airline industry. Prior to MRO Holdings, he served in multiple leadership roles at Taca Airlines, Avianca Airlines, Volaris Airlines and Airline MRO Parts.

    Jimmy Hill

    Vice President Sales & Marketing
    MRO Holdings

    Mr. Hill leads all Programs, Sales & Marketing of MRO Holdings with the main objective of managing revenue generating activities while fostering long term partnerships. Jimmy brings more than 20 years experience in the aviation/airline industry. Prior to MRO Holdings, he held leadership roles with CFM Material, General Electric, Pratt & Whitney and AAR.

    Ricardo Alvarez

    Vice President Corporate Supply Chain
    MRO Holdings

    Mr. Alvarez is responsible for the corporate supply chain functions of the group, securing availability and cost efficiency of parts at all our facilities. He brings over 27 years of major corporation and multi-national supply chain management expertise at Kellogg Company and P&G in a wide variety of roles throughout Latin America.

    Our Community

    We are committed to making a positive and lasting impact in the regions we live and work in through local organizations that focus on the empowerment of veterans and children.
    At MRO Holdings, we celebrate the efforts of the talented professionals who ensure the safety and security of our airborne aviation infrastructure every day, but especially on National Aviation Maintenance Technician Day which is observed on May 24th. It is named after Charles Edward Taylor, the man who built the engine used to power the airplane of the Wright Brothers in 1903. As part of the celebration, we spend the day building children’s bikes with one of our business partners.
    MRO Holdings helps SOS Children's Villages to assure every child has the right to quality care and a safe environment in order to reach their full potential. We help by providing school supplies, and by working with our local communities to provide a loving and supporting environment for children who have been or are at risk of being separated from their families
    For the past several years, MRO Holdings has supported Folds of Honor, an organization that since 2007 has carried on the noble mission of providing scholarships to the spouses and the children of America's fallen and disabled service-members. We join them in honoring their sacrifice and educating their legacy.
    MRO Holdings is proud to support Wounded Warrior Project whose focus and mission is to support veterans and service members who incurred a physical or mental injury, illness, or wound while serving in the military on or after September 11, 2001.
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